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Wayne Cox
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Michael Evenson
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Established in 1986, we are suppliers of Pacific Coast softwood lumber, primarily reclaimed redwood, Western Red Cedar and Douglas-fir; wood that we carefully dismantle from structures whose useful life has ended. This includes sawmills, warehouses, industrial buildings, houses and barns. 

These buildings contain old growth timbers logged in the latter 1800's or early part of last century when big trees were plentiful and only the best were selected for harvest.

Current Project: Dismantling barn in Carlotta with full dimension 2x12 flooring, 2x6 rafters, 6x6 (10-24' lengths) plus 1x and more.  Contact Wayne for more information.

Email for photos:

Our yard is located on the shores of Humboldt Bay in Arcata, California, at the junction of Lorelei Lane and Ariel Way, not far from US 101.

Google Map Directions

Directions: From US 101 in Arcata go west on Samoa Blvd, turn right on V Street, then take the first right (Ariel Way) and go to its end at Lorelei Lane

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Our inventories run from 1" x 4" to 16" x 20" and larger, with lengths to 26 feet. We have over 300,000 Board Feet of stock on hand, much of it un-inventoried.  If you don't find what you need in our inventory lists, contact us, we might just have it in the stacks. 

Reclaimed redwood timbers are materials grown in another age, some as far back as 2000 years ago. They are highly valued in traditional Japanese joinery, timber framing, as well as in furniture, fireplace mantles, outdoor trellises, benches, walkways, arbors, fine jointery and exterior and foundation grade applications where redwood's unsurpassed qualities of rot and bug resistance will ensure that the wood will remain strong and stable for years and years.


Given the size, character and historical value of much of this wood, we are interested in finding "good homes" where the wood will be seen and appreciated for its unique character in structures that will still be standing well into the next century.   Our products are part of the natural heritage of a wild, pristine and ancient landscape.

Take a look at what our customers have made with this unique redwood material.


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Inventories (we have far more material than we present on file here)

Large Timber Inventory

Locker Plant (mostly redwood) Inventory

Western Red Cedar Inventory

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There is a commercial airport in Arcata (serviced by United Express) and several non-commercial airfields in the Eureka area.  If you plan to fly in, let us know and we will pick you up.


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